Our Story

Our Start

My name is Brad and I am the owner/operator of BadMab Design, a Burlington, NC based design firm. I became interested in web design a few years ago when I started selling performance parts and other auto related items on Ebay. When I started, I thought Ebay was the greatest thing invented for the internet. It couldn’t be much easier: upload some photos, copy and paste some text, and voila you’re an internet entrepreneur. Everything was great until I looked at the final value fees. I was sometimes giving Ebay $20 of my earnings each time I sold an item!


I knew there had to be a better, cheaper way, but how? I didn’t know how to build a website so I started looking around for someone who did. I was floored by the prices people were charging. I thought to myself: “It would be MUCH cheaper to take classes and learn how to do everything myself.” So that’s what I did. The next semester I was enrolled in classes for web design at a local college. I completed the program and started designing my own retail site. I did all of the coding, graphic design, found a shopping cart I liked and I was up and running in about 2 weeks.

The Present

Now, three years later, I have decided to provide my web design services to local small businesses through my firm: BadMab Design. I love working with small businesses because I am able to hear their story and the passion in the owners’ voice. Thinking of how I began, I base my pricing on the fact that you CAN’T go back to school and learn HTML/CSS for a lower price. I have website packages starting at $200, and I provide e-commerce solutions for a lower price than anyone else. I also provide a number of other services including, but not limited to: search engine optimization, support and maintenance, email marketing, logo design and much more.